Reordering Assets and Sections

Reorder your assets so they’re arranged in a meaningful way

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The way assets are arranged and ordered conveys meaning. For example, if your brand’s color palette is defined in Lingo you may want the primary colors to show up first so your team knows those are more important and should be used more often than the other colors.

Because of this we worked hard to create a simple and elegant way to reorder assets in Lingo so you can present your design language just the way you want to. 

Reordering assets

To reorder your assets simply select one or more assets, notes or headings then drag and drop.

Note that in the Mac app that you will need select the "Reorder" button in the bottom left corner of the gallery. Or simply begin dragging and hold for a second to automatically start reordering. When you're done reordering your assets make sure you exit reorder mode by selecting "Done" in the bottom left corner of the gallery. Changes are not saved while reordering is enabled.

Reordering Sections

To reorder your Sections within a Kit simply select a Section in the Kit Navigator and move it.

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