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What is Lingo?
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Lingo is a tool to build, share and use digital asset libraries like living style guides, UI component libraries and photo libraries. We help teams increase productivity, empower creation and ensure brand consistency at scale.

For years teams have used complicated folder structures to organize and house their digital asset libraries. Folders though are really just a place to dump and store assets, you can’t showcase or arrange those assets in a meaningful way. This makes assets stored in folders hard for team members to find, understand and use.

Lingo solves these problems by replacing the folder with a flexible canvas on which users are free to arrange and visually display not only their assets, but also contextual information about their assets. Furthermore, Lingo makes assets easier to use by automating common asset management tasks like file conversion. All of this means when your team’s assets are organized in Lingo your team members will be able to find them faster, use them in the correct way and you’ll increase your team’s productivity.

Files hide in folders, they live in Lingo.

To learn more about getting started please read this help center article.

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