How to add colors to a Kit

Directions on how to add HEX, RGB, HSB, CMYK, and Pantone colors to Lingo

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Colors are important components of many design languages so we made sure they can be managed in Lingo. 

Adding your colors

To add a color to Lingo simply drag the color icon from the Insert Panel and drop it at the precise location where you want the color to display in the gallery. 

You'll then see a modal where you can input HEX, RGB, HSB, CMYK and Pantone color values. If you don't know the exact value of the color you want to add but instead want to copy a color from your screen you can use the eyedropper in the upper right corner of the modal. If you want to give your color a custom title simply type it in the text field (if you don't create a title we'll try to automatically create one for you). Finally when everything looks good simply select "Add Color" in the bottom right corner of the modal. 

Pro Tip

If you want to add lots of color to Lingo and you already know the Hex values you can simply copy and paste a comma separated list of Hex values into Lingo and it will generate a swatch for each color in the list.

Try if for yourself!
#003BB1, #0048D8, #0055FF, #276FFF, #4E89FF, #22933C, #2AB349, #34D058, #54D772, #74DF8C, #1F2D3D, #324057, #99A9BF, #E5E9F2, #EFF2F7, #F9FAFC, #FFFFFF

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