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Adding assets from Sketch to Lingo
Adding assets from Sketch to Lingo

Learn how to add Sketch assets to Lingo

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Adding† assets from your Sketch file to Lingo can be done two ways: automatically or manually.


You press a button and the plugin adds to Lingo all Symbols, Text Styles, and Layer Styles it finds in the Sketch file. To do so:

  1. Open the plugin by going to Plugins > Lingo

  2. Connect the plugin to a Lingo Kit

  3. Ensure you do not have anything selected (the button will read “Push All”)

  4. Click “Push All”

It is important to note once more that this method only adds Symbols, Text Styles, and Layer Styles—aka the reusable components. Since these are added in one batch, you can be certain that all “connected/nested” assets make their way into Lingo. For this reason, we recommend this approach whenever you are trying to add said assets. This approach is also great when trying to quickly add the contents of a design system file into Lingo.


You select the assets you wish to add before adding them. This works for assets that you can actually select—Symbols, Artboards, Groups, and Layers. Keep in mind that this will not work for Text Styles and Layer Styles as these assets cannot be selected. They have to be added via the automatic approach described above.

You can manually add assets a couple different ways:

  • Select asset(s) in Sketch and copy & paste into Lingo

  • Select asset(s) in Sketch and click “Push (#)” in the plugin’s interface

Now that you know how to add Sketch assets to Lingo, learn the reverse workflow: Using (Sketch) assets from Lingo in Sketch

Please note that you need edit permissions to add assets to Lingo.

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