There are two ways admins and owners can add new users to their Lingo Space - Invitations and Join links.


With invitations you can add a new user to your Space, assign them a user role, and specify which Kits they can access all in a single flow.

To add a new user to your Space simply select "Users" located in the left rail then select "Add users" in the upper right corner.

You'll then be prompted to choose a user role for the new user/s. Next simply enter in the email address/s of the user/s you want to invite. If you chose to add the new user/s as a Limited Member you'll need to select which Kits they can access. 

Join links

If you need to continuously add new members to your Space you can remove the friction from the invitation process by using a Join link.

Join links are essentially an invitation to your space in the form of a link. Anyone who selects the link will be prompted to create an account and will be added to your Space. You can even specify which Kits members joining through a join link can have access to. 

To create a join link you must be an admin or owner. Simply log into the web and select “Settings” located in the left rail. 

To copy a join link simply select "Copy". By default anyone joining your Space through a join link will be added as a Member and given read only access to all current and future Kits in your Space.

If you would like to control which Kits members joining through a join link can access select "Manage link".

Finally if you want to invalidate the current join link and generate a new one simply select "Regenerate link".

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