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How to make your Space look more official with custom branding

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Custom branding makes your Lingo look more official by replacing the Lingo colors and logos with your own. Custom branding is only available to customers on the Plus and Enterprise plans and only Space Owners and Admins can access this feature. 

To enable and update your Space open settings, toggle Custom Branding ON, then click "Open theme editor". If you don't see custom branding you will need to upgrade to the Plus plan.

Global styles

Global style options are applied throughout the Lingo interface for all users. At the top of the theme editor you can toggle between the Home and Kit gallery to see how these settings will look.

Theme (enterprise)

Themes are preset styles that change the overall look and feel of Lingo for everyone accessing our Space.

Font (enterprise)

Replace the font used in the Lingo interface. Choose from our built in fonts or contact us to learn more about using your own custom fonts.


The accent color is used throughs Lingo for elements such as buttons and to indicate selected items.


The home page header is the first thing many users will see when visiting your Lingo space. Use these options to find the right look for your organization.


The title of your space can be presented in one of three ways:

  • Space name: shows your space name (default)

  • Logo: upload your brand logo

  • No title: hide the title entirely. this option is useful if your background image contains your logo


Add a description below the title to welcome users to your space or let them know how to find the content they need.


The header background options include:

  • Solid color

  • Image

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