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How much do I need to pay for Lingo?
How much do I need to pay for Lingo?

A description of Lingo's pricing model and how billing works

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The price of Lingo is determined by how many users are in your workspace and which plan you're in.

In Lingo there are three pricing plans, Small Team, Standard and Plus

The Small team plan is capped at 5 users, if you want to add more than 5 users to your workspace you'll need to upgrade to either the Standard or Plus plans. 

Both the Standard and Plus plans have a fixed starting price that includes 5 users. You'll be charged per user for each additional user you add to your workspace. 

For example let's say you choose the monthly Plus plan and you have 8 users in your workspace. You'll pay a total of $58/mo.

  • $40 for the first 5 members 

  • $18 for the additional 3 members (3 x $6/ user)

How does adding and removing users affect my regular billing?

If you’re on either the Standard or Plus plans and add new members partway through your billing cycle, we’ll only charge for the pro rated amount. We’ll keep track of this for you, and bill you on your next normal billing date. 

For example let's say again you're on the monthly Plus plan with 8 users in your workspace and your monthly subscription is $58. You add a new user 10 days through your billing cycle, leaving 20 days remaining in the month.

The pro-rated subscription cost is calculated by dividing $6 by the number of days in the month (30) and multiplying it by the number of remaining days in the billing cycle (20) which gives us the pro rated amount of $4. 

During your next billing cycle you will be billed for the pro rated amount ($4) plus your normal monthly subscription price for 9 users ($64) for a total of $70. 

For annual plans it works the same way. We'll calculate the pro-rated cost for the rest of the year and bill you the pro rated amount at the end of the month. 

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