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How to add your fonts to a Kit

Directions on how to add fonts to Lingo

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Adding a font to Lingo is simple. Just drag the font icon from the Insert Panel and drop it in the Gallery where you want the font to display. You’ll then see a modal where you can choose to:

  • Add a font that is already installed on your Mac

  • Add a font file - TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 are supported

  • Add a font from Google Fonts 

Once you’ve added the font, Lingo will display whether or not the font is installed on your Mac. If the font is NOT installed on your Mac you can install it directly from Lingo by selecting “Install” on the font asset. 

To uninstall a font select "Installed". Keep in mind you can only uninstall fonts that have been installed by Lingo.  

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