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How to add supporting content to your Kit
How to add supporting content to your Kit

Place non-downloadable images and videos in-line with your assets.

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One way Lingo helps drive brand consistency is by allowing customers to display contextual information about their assets alongside their assets. This ensures that anyone using your assets will know how they should be used. 

Supporting content helps you add visual context alongside your assets - think of them as visual guidelines that you can use to communicate:

  • Logo clear space / clear zone / safe margin

  • Specs, like a logo's minimum size or its placement

  • Etc.

Supporting content is quite versatile, so you can use them in other ways that enrich your brand. Like communicating your brand's mission, its values, or its principles.

To add Supporting Content to your Kit, drag the Supporting Content icon from the Insert Panel and drop it at the precise location you want it to display in the gallery.

Once added to your Kit, Supporting Content can be re-ordered just like any other asset. Unlike a traditional asset though, you will not be able to download the file. 

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