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Setting up Lingo SSO with Okta
Setting up Lingo SSO with Okta

Learn how to set up Lingo SSO with Okta

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These are instructions for setting up Lingo SSO with Okta, but Lingo SSO works with all Identity Providers that support SAML 2.0. Please view our main article on how to configure Lingo SSO if you use an identity provider other than Okta.

1. Reach out to Lingo Support

Reach out to Lingo Support (using the Intercom messenger or by emailing us at to let us know you'd like to set up SSO. We'll get back to you with some information you'll need for the next steps.

2. Create a new application integration

  • Platform: select  Web   from the dropdown.

  • Sign on method: select  SAML 2.0  

3. Create SAML integration

4. SAML Settings

  • Single sign on URL: This URL will be provided to you by your Lingo support specialist.

  • Audience URI (SP Entity ID):  

  • Name ID format: You can leave this as the default "Unspecified".

  • Application username: You can leave this as the default "Okta username".

  • Attribute Statements: Please configure these as shown in the table below. The "Name" is case sensitive, and if any of these are missing your integration will not work.

5. Finalizing Setup

After you get the above set up in Okta (or your identity provider of choice), to complete setup, your Lingo support specialist will need the Identity Provider metadata URL provided by Okta on this screen, the link is shown highlighted in red.

Once your Lingo support specialist is finished inputting the setup information, your Lingo SSO integration should be ready for use!

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