When distributing your design language to lots of people, inviting them one at a time can be time consuming and tedious. To remove the friction from this process, you can use a join link instead!

Join links are essentially an invitation to your space in the form of a link. Anyone who clicks the link will be prompted to create an account and then will be added to your Space.

To access your join link you must be an admin or owner of a space. Log into the web and select “Settings” located in the left rail. The join link is under the "Access Controls" section.

  1. Clicking the "Copy" button will copy the join link to your clipboard so you can share it with your team.

  2. If you want to invalidate the current join link and generate a new one, click "Regenerate link".

  3. You can also disable the join link entirely by clicking on the toggle.

By default, anyone joining your Space through a join link will be added as a Member. They will be able to view, but not edit, all current and future Kits in your Space. You can choose which Kits people will have access to when they join your space with the New user access setting.

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