Make it easy for people from your company to join your space and save yourself from sending a lot of invites.

How it works

You'll first need to enable the setting so you can enter the domains you want to allow. You can find the "Email domain signup" setting under the "Access Controls" section of the Settings page.

Click on the toggle to enable the setting. Once you do, a textfield will appear where you can enter the domains you want to allow. You can enter more than one by separating them with commas. Click save, and you're good to go!

Once you've set this up a team member who is not a member of your Lingo workspace can join your workspace without needing an invitation. All they'll need to do is select "Get access" on the Login screen and then select "Join with your company email".


  • You can also change this setting in the Invite modal from the Users page.

  • If you want to remove all the domains you've entered, disable the setting. When you enable it again, you'll need to re-enter any domains you used previously.

A few important things to note

  • Anyone with an email that matches the domains you've entered can join your space. i.e. anyone with an email.

  • New users will count toward your plan, and you will be charged a prorated amount for each new user.

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