Beta Notice: The Figma Integration is currently in a private beta. Reach out to us to request access. If you're using our Mac app, you'll need to download the Beta Mac app.

Once you've setup the Figma integration you're ready to start adding assets from Figma to Lingo. To add Figma assets, drag the asset item from the Insert Panel, drop it into a section and select the Figma option.

A modal will appear asking you to paste in a share link from Figma. All you need to do is copy the share link to a frame, page or file in Figma and paste that link into the modal. Here's how to get each of those links:

Links to a Frame

If you use a link to a specific frame, that frame will be imported as an asset in Lingo after pasting it into the modal.

  • Select the frame you want to add as an asset to Lingo

  • Right-click to bring up the menu

  • Go to Copy/Paste at the bottom, then select the "Copy link" option

Links to a Page

If you use a link to a specific Page, the modal will then show you all the frames in that page so you can choose which to import. You'll also be able to choose frames from other pages and components in the file.

  • Right-click a page in the left-hand navigation

  • Select the "Copy link to page" option


  • Click the "Share" button in the upper right

  • Click the "copy link" button

note: the blue "Share" button in the upper right will always give you a link to the page you're currently on in a file

Links to a File

If you use a link to an entire File, the modal will show you all the frames, pages and components in that file.

  • In the "home" view, right-click a file

  • Select the "Copy link" option

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