Organize your Kits with Collections

Visually group your kits together so you and your team members can find them faster.

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Collections allow you you to visually group kits together on your home page. These collections will help you and your team members find content faster and better understand how your asset library is structured.

Collections are available in both the web and Mac app and are available only to customers on the Plus and Enterprise plans.

How it Works

To create a collection, go to your Lingo home page and select the “Create” button in the upper right corner of the app. There, you’ll see a new option to create a collection. Once the collection is created you’ll have the option to add kits to the collection. Keep in mind a single kit can be in multiple collections.

Inside of a collection you have full control over how your kits are ordered, just drag a kit and drop it in the desired location.

How collections are displayed

When you create a collection they will display in alphabetical order on your home page above the kits view. You’ll also notice collection names are listed in a new navigation bar which allows you to easily switch between collections.

How collections work with your Brand Portal

Collection/s will display in your brand portal if any kit added to your portal also has been added to a collection.

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