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Managing assets in the Library
Managing assets in the Library

Manage assets across all your kits with the Library.

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Filtering assets in the Library

In the Library, you can find and manage assets regardless of what Kits they are in. There are plenty of filters you can use to find assets, as well as handy sections in the navigation like “Recently Added”.


Adding filters is straightforward, simply click the “add filter” button, select the filter and a menu will appear with options for that filter. You can add multiple filters of the same or different type.


Filter assets by type, such as Images, Documents, Colors etc.


Labeled “In Kit”, this filters assets the kit(s) they are in. A menu will display a list of all the kits in your space to choose from.


Filter assets by their orientation (horizontal, vertical, square).

Created before/after

Filter assets by when they were created, either before or after a certain time period (this week, last 30 days etc.)


Filter assets by tags you’ve created. A menu will display a list of all the tags in your space to choose from.


A keyword filter, similar to typing a word into a search bar. This will filter assets down to any that “contain” the keyword you enter. For example, if you add this filter with the keyword “logo” then any assets with the word “logo” in their name will be included.

Uploaded by

Filter assets by the person that uploaded them. A menu will display a list of all the users in your workspace for you to choose from.

Filtered Sections

In the navigation to the left of the Library, you will see the filtered sections "Recently added", “My uploads”, and “Unused assets”.

  • Recently added shows you assets that have been added within the last week. If no assets have been added to your space in the last 7 days, this section will be empty.

  • My uploads filters the library to any assets you have uploaded.

  • Unused assets will filter the library to any assets that are not in any kits in your workspace.

Adding Assets

Adding Assets to the Library

When you add assets to your kits, they are automatically added to your library. You can also add assets directly to the library to be added to kits later.

In the library, click the Add + button then select the type of asset you want to add. After your assets are created you can select the "Recently added" section to view your new asset(s).

Adding Assets to Kits from the Library

From the Library, you can add assets to any of your Kits. Select the assets you want to add, then click on the "Add to" option either in the bottom bar or inspector panel.

Removing & Deleting Assets

Removing Assets from Kits

You can easily remove an asset (or multiple assets) from all your kits with a single action. This will not delete the assets from your space, only remove them from your kits. Select the assets you want no longer want in your kits, and from the Inspector Panel click on the "more" dropdown. Then select the "Remove from kits" option.

Deleting Assets

If you want to permanently delete assets from your Kits and your workspace, you’ll need to do so from the Library. While viewing the library, select the assets you want to delete and click “delete” either in the bottom bar or inspector panel.

For individual assets, click the overflow menu button for the asset and select the “Delete” option from the menu that appears.

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