Note: This feature is currently only available to customers in our Enterprise tier.

After you've set up your Brand Portal, you probably want to share it with others. To make your portal URL more recognizable and memorable, you can create a custom Lingo subdomain.

To set up your custom domain:

  1. Log into

  2. Select "Settings" in the left rail

  3. Toggle on the "Custom Domain" feature

  4. Type in your desired custom subdomain name

  5. Hit "Set"; if the subdomain was available, it should be instantly available to use, otherwise you may get an error message

  6. Click on "Copy Link" to get a link with your new subdomain to share with your favorite people

If you want to change your custom subdomain, or decide that you just don't want it anymore, it's easy to reset it or turn it off.

From the "Settings" screen we navigated to above:

  • To turn off your custom subdomain, simply toggle the feature "off"

  • To change your custom subdomain, hit "Reset" and type in your new subdomain. Hit "Set" and you're done!

⚠️ Please note: When you change your custom subdomain, any links with the old subdomain will stop working. Additionally, your previous subdomain will be released back into the pool of available subdomains, so another space could claim it. Tread carefully!

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