Removing & Restoring Assets

Remove assets from Kits, or restore them if they have been removed.

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If you have assets that no longer belong in a Kit, you can easily remove them through a simple action. Removed assets are temporarily stored in a “Recently Removed” section within a Kit. After 30 Days, those assets are permanently removed from the Kit.

If you’re an Admin or the Owner of the space, you can still access those assets via the Library where you can permanently delete them from the workspace.

Removing Assets

Select the asset(s) you want to remove, then right-click them and select the “Remove from kit” option in the menu that appears.

Recently Removed Assets

To view recently removed assets within a Kit, click the overflow button next to the Kit name. From there, select the “Recently removed” option. Within the Recently Removed section, you can restore assets that have been removed or remove them permanently without waiting for the 30 days to be up.

If the "Recently removed" option is disabled in the menu, that means there are no recently removed assets to display.

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