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Getting started with Lingo
Getting started with Lingo

A brief overview of how to use Lingo

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Getting started with Lingo is easy because we offer a fully featured 30 day free trial. To start all you'll need to do is create a Lingo account.


To start assembling your design language we recommend creating a Kit containing your team's brand assets since everyone in your organization needs to access those. Here's some directions to help you get started.

After this step your Lingo should look something like this πŸ‘‡


Now that you have your first Kit assembled simply share it with your team by using an invitation or a public share link.


Finally it's time to use your design language. Here are some things to try out.

If you've worked through all these steps you now have a good overview of how Lingo can help you establish and distribute a shared design language. If you'd like to continue to explore Lingo's functionality here are some additional articles that might interest you.



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